Friday, June 25, 2010

Gathering of the clans


DeanM said...

Wow - all of your Celts are impressively painted, butthe standard and the priest/leader/shaman? are standouts. Love the guy's painted robe. Dean

Scullmeister said...

Excellent work... Celts are my next big project, as I seem to have somehow collected quite a few in recent times. Go the dip!

Lee said...

What a great blog! I've spent a lot of time reading back through your posts since finding this one. Those Celts are excellent but I'm interested in your Napoleonics as I'm also doing a 'Waterloo' project, having decided against the earlier campaigns. I love those muddy/grassy gun wheels etc :-)

Excellent artwork, like the humour.

'Iron Mitten' has been added to my small list of favourite blogs.

All the best,


Secundus said...

Thanks Lee, I've just had a good look through yours and it's brilliant. it looks like you're cracking through those units. Great stuff.

Davenz said...

Nice gathering of the celtic...Like it..
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