Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Painting Again

Last night I actually stole some time and did a bit of painting, it felt bloody great, still feeling the benefit today. Some water has been put back into the well!
I have so many things going on on my dusty old table that It's hard to think straight, last night I thought I would just dive in and start to clear some of those units that have been hanging around for a while.

 Researching Wargs again on my phone on the long trip back from London I was full of inspiration and ready to go when I finally got home. Wolves and Wargs for the Battle of the Five Armies are a joy to paint as they are basically all dry brushing and can be finished quite quickly. I'm glad to say I managed to complete all of the vicious beasts and even had time to do a ECW trooper too. Those little puppies have been snapping at my heels for months now.

Recently I have had no inspiration to pick up the brush, with working long hours drawing all day, my eyes are burnt out when I get in around 9ish at night, all I want to do is flop down in front of the TV and turn my brain off. I always end up watching other people paint figures on YouTube which seems a little odd.
I think one big thing I did recently which has helped, I bought a painting tray thingy from Games Workshop a few months ago. It really helps being able to grab it and take it into the living room and do a bit of painting while still being sociable, not disappearing into my man cave for two hours.

The man cave


Grenzer John said...

Good for you! A mentor once told me "Anything worth doing is worth doing badly!" The key word is not "badly" but the idea that something worth doing is worth doing!

Conrad Kinch said...

I can't recommend the painting tray thing enough.

Mrs Kinch would never see me else.

Phil Curran said...

I agree with the painting tray idea. It forces me to focus on what tools and paints I will need to carry out that evenings work. Having a desk, and have had a desk like the one pictured is enough to freeze me to immobility.
Planned small steps always work for me.

Secundus said...

Yes it has certainly helped me with finishing off those annoying little projects that have been hanging around for months. My worst enemy is wargames magazines... I can't look at them without getting pulled into another era. So much pretty eye candy out there got to stay strong.

NaRong said...

I was making art again, just in a different way, but I still missed my old love. I started stocking up on tubes of paint and new brushes again, and hard to get started again because what you visualize yourself producing ... Treat yourself to a painting sketchbook you're going to love, that

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