Monday, November 21, 2016

Test Game of Victory without Quarter

 Having read the rules three times I thought I would give them a run through using some units.

My wife was up for rolling some dice and then decided to take a general's roll. It was slow going at first as I waded through the simple rules trying to remember everything I had read. My wife not being a war gamer at heart thought this process was to slow and a bit boring as you can imagine. However once the units started to get closer and shoot at each other, things started to get better.

I did loads of things wrong it appears but by the end of the game I had learnt quite a bit and put a lot of that reading into practice. I didn't have the officer's roll right, when their card came up I had them just giving everyone orders so they one knew what they were doing in their card activation. It turns out officers can give a unit in their command radius an extra command which they carry out straight away like shooting or movement etc. This would have made the game a lot more action packed and more fast moving, that would have pleased the parliamentarian general a lot.

Also thanks to some kind comments on this blog and reading through a lot of other blogs I have worked out how the Event card works. My game was too small for one but I like the idea a lot. Also My General was targeted by artillery which led to me being a little confused on how to handle that, It turns out best leave the artillery shots to actual units and not small groups of men riding around shouting.

There is a rule that had me scratching my head a little and that was the combat involving Trotters vs Gallopers. Trotters charge up to the enemy but stop eight inches away and fire their pistols. (2 D6 per base) This is very in keeping, but my question is do they ever close to combat with sword (3D6) and if so when . It lead to a strange stand off when Gallopers drew up short and just stood there getting shot. I reread the rules trying to work this out but so far have not found how trotters can close. Maybe it's a case of rolling a morale check after they have fired and sending them in if they pass. Don't know still trying to work this on out.
 Above a Royalist blew coated regiment shuffles forward with lowered pikes, in the distance a Roundhead yellow coated Regiment moves to intercept.
 Purple coated cavalry charge across the field towards the parliamentarian line. Crossing the field of fire of their own cannon. playing these rules was a joy once things started to slot into place, my favourite thing was how the regiments fired at each other and very gradually started to take damage. My wife was a little annoyed at how ineffective the shooting was but I thought it was spot on. Lots of smoke and noise but not a lot of men going down. Very realistic I thought, of course when the units got closer more men started to drop.
 I also liked the way the units became shaken for a few rounds and then managed to pull themselves together. A great test game which I know both I and my Wife enjoyed, the fact she is related to Stonewall Jackson was not lost on me as I retreated with my tail between my legs. I really enjoyed this game even with all the mistakes, next I will create some paper units so we can have a bigger game with event cards.
I don't normally sell any of my wargames armies but in this rare case I am prepared to let these two armies go.
The Blew Regiment of foote £265, Roundhead Yellowcoated Regiment of Foote £200, cavalry units £180, cannon £26 and Generals £20. The paint work and colour schemes are minimal but very in vogue at the moment great for old style games. So don't hang around or you will lose a great bargain. if interested drop me line. Put your faith in God and keep your powder dry!


Grenzer John said...

Amazing figures and excellent paint job. Waiting to see your modern Lego armies!

William Stewart said...

Horse colors are magnificent!

Do the prices include shipping?

Secundus said...

No im afraid shipping will be on top and there will be a slight VAT price to pay on top of that. That said they are tough and durable and should make for years of fun gaming.

Secundus said...

And a small handling fee...

nickw said...

Hi Simon,

I shall start saving - I need some more ECW units, and those fit the bill admirably :-)

On the question re Trotters, the way I play it is that a Trotter unit can either fire or charge, as separate moves. So on one card draw they might decide to soften the enemy up by firing, and then on their next card draw (assuming they weren't obliterated by incensed Gallopers in the meantime), they can charge.

This seems to be borne out by the comments at, although it isn't 100% clear.

I can see an argument for allowing Trotters a combined fire/charge move, although my inner Prince Rupert says there'd need to be a cost to this (e.g. lose the +1 charge bonus) to prevent Trotters from becoming more powerful than Gallopers.


Secundus said...

Thanks Nick that seems the right way to go and makes total sense to me, many thanks. That has solved that problem. I have seen the forum were it says that and it isn't that clear as you say. Many thanks, I drew a cartoon for it which I will quickly colour this lunch time and put up. Cheers simon

Secundus said...

Hi Nick just followed your link makes that point clear now , well found.

NaRong said...

This week Dux and I were treated to a fantastic game of 28mm ECW by Millsy ... The rules we used were Victory Without Quarter by Clarence who invited Man Cave Paul and I to his lair for a game of Victory Without Quarter.

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Unknown said...

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