Thursday, February 23, 2017

ECW Regiment WIP

 Well after loads of thought I finally rebased my ECW regiment to a new formation. I had based them for skirmish play before, but I like the idea of a regiment fighting as a whole and not seperate companies. That said, the bases are large enough to be counted as companies in their own right in games like 'pike man's Lament'.

Below is reference that got me thinking about the whole thing in the first place. I fell in love with the look of these units on the  Warfare miniatures web site. The League of Augsburg stuff is very inspiring, worth a look just for the eye candy.

By changing around the two flank companies the standards can be either grouped in the centre or spaced out with each company. I included the extra standards partly because i had bought them but also because it does a more flavour to the period with lots of fluttering standards everywhere.

 Three companies for Pike man's Lament, a few figs short on numbers but enough for a reduced figure base. There are nine musketeers to a base and eleven pike man to the center base.
 I love making dioramas and It was this fact that really helped me decide about rebasing this unit. Casualties are a must for a struggling unit under fire.
 I was also inspired by ref for the Civil war and my own re-enacting, units fought in blocks that were as deep as they were long, with this in mind I added a third rank to the bases. I had to increase the size of the 60mmx60mm to 80mm deep and 60mm wide. I wanted more figures in the regiment but didn't want the unit to be too long, a complaint often said about the Pike and Shotte rules.
I am very taken with Victory without Quarter but I struggled with their base sizes. I originally wanted to but my bases length ways (80mm), but this would eat into the playing area of the gameboard. Multiple units on the board could lead to maneuver problems.So in the end I stuck to VWQ basing frontages but increased the depth. I am pleased about this as It was playing on my mind way too much and I had already based my Cavalry to the VWQ standards, so now all my units are still using the games recommended sizes. Little things please little minds and all that.


tim said...

I like it! I love mini diorama bases.

As far as using it for Pikeman's Lament, I think when using a single base as a unit the exact number of figures is inconsequential. As long as everyone understands that a base is a unit and it has 12 "strength Points" regardless of how many figures it has one it (like in Dragon Rampant!).

Secundus said...

yes that's it, a reduced unit.

The Angry Lurker said...

Looking forward to seeing them based!

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Superb - you gave me much food for thought with that 3 rank basing but I have successfully managed to fight the urge off... and saved my self 30% of painting totals.. LOL.. :o)

William Stewart said...

Brilliant! Anytime you can get two games with the same basing convention is a big win. I like both VWQ and Pikemen's lament.

alicetaylor said...

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Milo Anderson said...

That brought up some old memories, I remember when I was a kid I used to play with my soldier toys and do best possible formation. Thank you for refreshing old memories

harada57 said...
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