Monday, February 27, 2017

More parliament horse

 More Iron sides finished to create a complete regiment of horse. As with the regiment of Foote, I have added a couple of extra figs to bulk out the unit. Four bases with 3/4 figures on for VWQ or pikeman's Lament.

 Feels great to actually finish a unit of horse with a standard etc. I have a couple of Royalist units that will soon get the same treatment, they have sat unfinished for about four years. I will (If I can) equip all my regiments with unknown standards so I can create names and characters for them. The standard above was chosen because it belonged to an unknown reg.
"Stay your hand Mr Pigotte, I know this man!"


Phil Curran said...

In the words of Bill and Ted, `dude, sweet!'

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

excellent stuff... lots here to keep me going on my ECW project at the moment!

Secundus said...

make hay while the sun shines Steve...i'm terrible at staying on target, I always get lured away by other eras. So far though I am chunking through these ECW regiments which is a good thing.

My poor orcs have started to notice though, they won't stay quite for long.

Alice Taylor said...

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