Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Enamel and Oil paint Horses

Here is the first and not really the best example of my horse 'Oil' batches. Still a nice effect though and the skin tones are very subtle which is perfect for horse flesh.

The best thing about painting horses like this I have found is that you clear all of your horse backlog in one fun filled go. I must have around thirty horses ready to go now. I found it really enjoyable painting them in this way, I have around five that didn't work for various reasons but these will be repainted using the fail safe browns.

The Chestnuts are probably my favourite so far as they are the most effective and realistic in colour. I will post more on this later.


Phil Curran said...

Have you ever read Graham Dixey's article on painting horses in oils?

Secundus said...

can't say i have

Secundus said...

I will type it in right now, thanks for the tip.