Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Enamels and Oil Horse figure painting.

 A second night of messing around with enamels and oil paint and things are starting to take shape. Yesterday I bought a tube of black oil paint and this worked really well on the dark browns (Bays). I was amazed to see that the dark bay colour matched exactly the colour I had painstakingly mixed and painted with foundry paints. I had painted all my horses dark brown as it was a very easy colour to do, now I will have more options with the full spectrum of horse coats. One of the nice things about the Oil results is that they have a warmth to them as If the animal is alive.

 Horse reference
Time for some Chestnut horses with MATT 100. This warm colour should give a nice glow when uncovered from the dark burnt Umber oil paint. I have a range of Oil paints but they are all dark Umbers and a black.


Phil Curran said...

I've always been useless painting horses. These are very nice.

Secundus said...

Easy to do if not a bit messy

Scalene [Warfactory] said...

I bought some Burnt Umber oil paint ages ago, and never did anything with it. Now I'm thinking I should dig it out. I note you are undercoating with enamels. Could you undercoat with acrylic as long as you left long enough for it to be thoroughly dry? I'm wondering whether the surface texture of acrylic is a bit rougher, and the oil coat doesn't look as well. Trying to work out if I could cut a corner there.

Secundus said...

I think from what I've researched that acrylic paint would rub off the metal when you wipe off the oil paint. Still you could try it, I know it would make the whole process less smelly and messy.