Monday, April 09, 2018

Irish Brigade 1863 uniform?

I've been trying to research the Irish Brigade at Gettysburg for a war gaming unit and have come across many uniform varieties. Is there anyone out there that knows more about this subject.

At the moment I'm thinking about a unit in late war sack coats with maybe a few New York shell jackets sprinkled around. The coats will be all blue and without the green cuffs and collars that most uniform guides favour.

I have learned so much from readers that I thought I would throw it out for any advice. Many thanks Simon.


William Daniel said...


try Kelly's Heroes: The Irish Brigade at Gettysburg Paperback – 1997
by TL Murphy

Grenzer John said...

At least one unit wore grey trousers rather than the "sky blue" regulation ones. Just one more distinction.

Secundus said...

Thanks Guys, I remember the grey trousers now, that might be another nice addition to the shell jackets.

AHunt said...

Take a look at these guys.

Secundus said...

Thanks AHunt, the photo on the site shows a group of mixed shell and sack coats without the green collar and cuffs. Bang on for what I had planned, many thanks.