Monday, April 23, 2018

Johnny Whitworth, best shot in the brigade!

 I have been looking for a good figure to represent a Confederate sniper with a Whitworth rifle. The scope was somethimes at a slight angle for long shots."Don't worry, at this range they couldn't hit an elephan......"

The bullets were longer than the minie ball and made a characteristic whistling noise when passing. Confederates armed with these rare  British rifles could silence a battery from 1000 yards, however because the artillery men were not armed, the sniper would give them a chance to retire before he started hitting them. He did this by a term calling 'ringing the battery', this is when the marksmen would hit the steel wheel rims on both of the cannons wheels. If they didn't move then he would start to pick them off unarmed or not.

All searches for a 28mm figure were turning up blank so I thought I would make one. A very easy thing to do, I cut a piece of lead standard pole off of a standard bearer and stuck it onto a Dixon Confederate figure. The sight on a Whitworth is strangely to the side of the gun but this does give it a unique character of its own.
 A nice rule in Bonnie Blue Flag allows for a marksman to be in your force, when he fires the other player has to roll over 40% on a D100. If he fails the commander is killed and all troops within 6'' suffer . The leader is replaced with a must lesser commander the next round. So you only need one marksman per Johnny Whitworth. Good old Dixon to the rescue again.

This image is very useful as it shows the red badge worn on the arm. This meant the 'snipers' could room at ease on the battlefield without getting mistaken for deserters. this version has a longer sight.


caveadsum1471 said...

Nice conversion and interesting piece of history!
Best Iain

Conrad Kinch said...

Nice work sir - Ian from the forgotten weapons YouTube channel has a good episode on these.

daveb said...

I feel like it'd be difficult not to jab yourself in the eye with those scopes. Not a lot of space between the firers eyeball and the scope, and I imagine .451 packs a decent kick.

Lee Hadley said...

Very interesting, didn't realise they had scopes back then.

Secundus said...

Thanks for the tip conrad, I have been watching a lot of You tube on Confederate rifles lately.

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