Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Private Whitworth, Berdan Sharpshooters and wheat fields

 Finished rebel marksman. The great thing about painting Confederates is once you have the grey, just add a little light brown to it and you have the colour for the trousers and kepi...loads of fun. It was nice to finally try out the Foundry Confederate paints.
 At the first rays of sunlight the sharpshooters were up and out in the garden for manoeuvres. My colour choice seems to have worked and I think this is good enough to put the rest of the unit into mass production.
 I actually used all three paint colours in the end, the miniature paints dark green was used to do the pipping on the collar and cuffs. So in the end It did come in handy.
 A harsh lamp shows the true colour, still quite shiny these guys are still in need of a matt varnish. This model still needs a little touching up...almost there.

 Some teddy bear fur 'wheat fields' finally get a spray of green and are stored ready for use. I have had this fur for around 17 years with this in mind. Job done.

 Little house on the prairy.
Olive green is sprayed around the edges and patches are blobbed around the 'field'.


Phil said...

Very nicely done, terrain and figures!

Lee Hadley said...

Your marksman has come out a treat.

Secundus said...

Thanks guys

abcya said...

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Matt said...

Seventeen years is no time at all! Very good!

Happy said...

Good review! Great for readers.


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