Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Vallejo Mud Effects

Before I left the old house I went out into the garden and selected tiny twigs for bases.

I have such a back log of basing that I’m finding it hard to start. However, the Vallejo ‘mud’ pots were close at hand and easy to use with literally no set up time. These Militia will be fighting in the woods of North America and after messing around doing the chicken bases, I thought it would be a good base for a woodland look too.

While the mud paste was still wet I pressed stones and twigs into it. These will dry solid and give a good look.

One of my favourite things about this product is putting hoof and foot prints in it. I used to do this technique pushing a brown loaded brush into the still wet PVA glue on bases, but this stuff is so much better. Waterloo infantry eat your heart out.

These large cavalry bases were quite easy to do with no mistakes. Just need to bite the bullet and break out all the flocking stuff.


Neil said...

Free terrain and basing material is the best terrain and basing material!

Grenzer John said...

I like the look of the militia!

caveadsum1471 said...

Great looking basing!
Best Iain