Friday, October 19, 2007

General Dewolfus of the Rhine

General Dewolfus of the Northern armies patrols his forces in Lugdunensis (Northern France). He has just received word to join Secundus in Noricum, but has tried to press the point that if he leaves, Aquitania will fall to Tullus. Dewolfus has sent dispatches back to Secundus asking for permission to take Aquitania and deny Tullus another Province in Gaul. Secundus on the other hand is too busy ranting at others to listen to good advice. Tribune Antonius (Tony) shows off his new accommodation in Gaul, although he has received a warm wolf pelt from the region, he still misses his newly built Villa. Jupiter knows what state it'll be in by the time this war is finally over and he gets to return to it....if he returns at all that is.
modelling note:
The figure used for Dewolfus is from the New Essex Roman range, as are the other mounted Tribunes. I wanted the General to appear very big and Northern looking and so built up his shoulders with 'Greenstuff'. Adding bear and wolf pelts helped to give him a Frontier look and a big black beard always adds to the Barbarian look! I also decorated the Horses with wolf pelts; these guys have spent too long on the Rhine for their own good and have gone a little native.

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DeWolfe said...

Perhaps I have got a little too comfortable with the locals but by Jupiter there is nothing like a bit of fur to impress the ladies!Aaaaah, those German girls....