Saturday, October 13, 2007

Secundus licks his wounds (campaign 70)

Meanwhile in Noricum, Secundus secures his newly won province and hides away from public view. Too busy nursing his pride and blaming others, he shuts himself off from everyone, even his advisers. He only recovers when forced to react to news that two of his top generals have fallen out and soldiers are brawling on their behalf. Secundus, quite recovered, snaps back to his old self and quickly stamps out the rabble-rousers.
It was just after dealing with this minor problem, that Secundus first caught wind of a major one. He received a letter from his old friend, Governor Vibullius of Syria, telling Secundus of what exactly has been going on in the East over the last few months. The letter goes on to explain how using great cunning and alot of silver, Alanicus has started to carve out a chunk of Secundus's empire for himself and that his men are calling him Emperor.
Secundus is not happy and the army soon wishes it had behaved in his absence.

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Scutatus said...

Brilliant illustrations as always Simon. Full of character and detail. They tell a story all by themselves. I do like the expression on Secundus's face. He is NOT a happy man is he? :p