Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Restless Senate (Campaign 69)

Upon hearing of Tullus's success at the battle of Valentia, members of the Senate (now in Carthage) appeal to Tullus to finish the job he has started and put down the tyrant Secundus. Used to expensive living, the wealthy nobles of Rome have no taste for the campaign life nor the hot, dry, arid lands of Africa and so put together a weighty delegation to join Tullus in Gaul.
Itching to get back to Rome and check on their properties and investments, these Senators have their own interests very much at heart, something that Tullus is aware of and all previous appeals from them for a quick victory, have been ignored.
However, now that their top spokesman Lucius Plaudicus has been elected to lead the delegation, Tullus will be forced to listen.


Scutatus said...

Ah, such fine Roman specimens, truly the noblest and greatest of our breed. Such wisdom, such piety, such virtue. Their example of strong properly Roman leadership is an inspiration to us all.

But is it possible that they come to realise that, in this particular matter, they may have made an error in judgement? That perhaps their decision to back Tullus's cause was made in a little too much haste?

It might well begin to dawn to some proud Senators that their noble and righteous directives fall upon deaf ears. Tullus has shown to have abandoned even the pretence of subservience and is no loyal servant of anyone - not to the Army, the people, nor even the Senate.

Surely it becomes clear to even the lowliest amongst our fine Senatorial body that Tullus serves only himself. Tullus may be a great commander on the field of battle, but a statesman and politician he is not.

Clearly, his only cause is his own. Is such a man really fit to rule the Empire? Do we really need another Caligula? Another Nero? Another Commodus? Should the Emperor not serve the Senate and the People of Rome? Is that not the just and proper way of things? Why then does Tullus seem to think that it is they that should serve HIM?

Perhaps the wisest of those souls in that August body of fine Roman stock that is our Senate begin to suspect that they have backed the wrong horse in this particular Circus. They would be well advised to look elsewhere for their salvation. Perhaps they should consider a fitter, faster horse, one with more stamina and a much better finish. One that knows the meaning of loyalty and obedience.

As everyone knows, the best horses always come from the East.

DeWolfe said...

While I am Secundus' man through and through I must say that Scutatus does have a way with words. He knows how to hold a pen I wonder how well he holds a sword?

simon said...

Arrr, glad to see you know a true Emperor when you see one Dewolfe and so loyal too, even in the face of all that guff and hot air from Scutatus. You have just earnt yourself a field commision in the army of the Rhine. Those wolf heads could do with a strong loyal officer and the name fits, welcome aboard Dewolfus.

DeWolfe said...

Palmarium! How fantastic is that! I can't wait to get to grips with the pretenders!