Saturday, October 13, 2007

Under pressure (Campaign 71)

The delegation from Carthage finally arrives in Alpes Gallica, dirty, unshaven and tired. This is the closest any of them have come to the front line and they a don't intend to stay a moment longer than is necessary. Again and again they try to prompt Tullus into following up his success at Valentia and call out for a quick victory.
They try to threaten Tullus with being replaced by someone more willing to fight, but both parties know this is an empty threat and Tullus remains unmoved by Lucius's taunts. The Senate have little care for the state of Tullus's depleted and tired army and all talk is of restoring Rome and glorious new era. Tullus has the delegation removed twice throughout the day, but Lucius Plaudicus keeps coming back with renewed vigour. Finally, just as Tullus is about to order them out at sword point (again) he receives news of another problem. As the Senate babel on, working themselves into a frenzy, Tullus reads the dispatch aloud to the room. Now they have two usurpers to worry about.
The delegation is speechless for a moment, then fall upon Tullus pleading with him to save them and Rome from these mad men in purple, who appear from nowhere. Tullus now has a lot to think about and has the jabbering Senators escorted from his tent. For the moment they are out of sight, but not out of mind, for he can still hear them crying out to him to save them. "why me..." sighs Tullus. With now two opponents, Tullus rejects all pleas for a quick victory. This will be no quick war.

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Scutatus said...

Poor old Tullus. I almost feel sorry for him. Almost. ;)