Saturday, October 13, 2007

Secundus plays dirty (Campaign 72)

On receiving the news of Alanicus's rise to power in the East, Secundus sends a secret dispatch to his old friend Governor Vibullius. 'Resist this Alanicus at all costs and raise support in the surrounding Provinces' Secundus was never one for writing but his message was clear, this Alanicus, who ever he was, would have to be stopped.
Above, a messenger slips through the darkened streets and onto a ship bound for Syria.


Scutatus said...

Aha, so the game is afoot eh?

Oh the tangled webs we weave. Such scheming, such skulduggery. Such nefarious exploitation.

I'm impressed. ;) :p :D

Elisabeth said...

Mr. Tofield! I've been searching for you, ever since "Cat Man Do" got pulled from Zoo professionals from all over the world (literally) have been begging me to find it again. Is there anywhere we can see it again? Please oh please?

- Elisabeth Hunt,

simon said...

Well, I plan to release it again soon and also to do many more, covering different cat based subjects, like feeding time etc. It's been taken down until we can repackage it i'm afraid. I hope you can wait that long, I have to say i'm delighted with the response it got, It's gone through the roof and almost crashed the Chillibean servers with the amount of hits it was getting. As I said, there will be lots more to look forward too in the future. Simon.

simon said...

If you're really quick you may catch a really bad version of it on U-tube, I didn't put it up there and I'll be trying to get it off quite soon, so hurry, the quality is bad though. I think someone called it 'wake up cat'. I hope this helps. Simon.