Sunday, May 11, 2008

A large fantasy game using the War hammer rules and Games workshop figures.
This photo was taken from a ' The face of battle' game, hosted by the Aylesbury War games club. These figures are from Bolt Action Miniatures and are really rather good. I have some of their Germans and have been holding off from the American forces until I've completed my German Platoon. If I learnt one thing from this games day, it is that for me the II world war has really captured my gaming interest again.


Still_Anonymous said...

Here's the path for 'The Face of Battle', written by a local club member:


Anonymous said...

Does this mean you are part of the Aylesbury club still anonymous?

Still Anonymous said...

No, it doesn't - there has been a published WW II skirmish ruleset of the same name for years - check the link that I provided.

Still Anonymous said...

P.S.: I meant local to me, not to Aylesbury. That is, unless the author has since moved from Ottawa, Canada to Aylesbury, UK without telling anybody ...

BigRedBat said...

Hi Simon,

You might like to see some pics of our Roman Campaign:-'s+Battles


Bigredbat Simon

simon said...

I'd love to have a look at them but I can't get the link to work.

If they are as good as I remember, a battle of hundreds of them will look fantastic!
We have been completely swamped this end as far as the Campaign has been concerned, with work and home life going crazy. Now however, things are beginning to level out again so the Campaign can be adressed in earnest once more.

I have bought a copy of 'The rules of Engagement' WWII skirmish game and I'm finishing off my German Grenadier Platoon at the moment. So much to do, so little time, a wargamers and painters life I'm afraid.

This hobby is so broad that it is nice to dip into other eras once in a while to keep the brush fresh.

BigRedBat said...

Hi Simon,

Displaced has been down for some time which is probably why you couldn't see them. If you drop me a mail at simon.miller ( a t ) I'll mail you a couple of pics.

We are moving slowly forward with our campaign; we need to raise some more armies so that our Romans can fight Mithridates and in Norht Africa.

Simon (BRB)

simon said...

I've written down the address and I'll try it later, thanks, all pictures of Romans are truely welcome.

simon said...

I've just checked the link again and got through! Great stuff...really good! In fact I think I might have seen you at Salute in 2007 as I remember the Bat, Also I remember seeing it in Wargames illustrated.
I used to live in Finchley for about six years before moving back home to Bedfordshire. I used to go to a re-enactment group in Muswell hill every week...small world. Great miniatures and I love your First spear Centurion Vorinus, a lucky find there. I have been side tracked into finishing off my German Platoon at the moment so my Romans have been shelved for two weeks, but they're be back!

P.s I loved the Caesarians as well, quite a horde there and together with your EIR you have enough for some great civil war battles. Really inspiring stuff, thanks, i need stuff like this to keep me on track sometimes.