Monday, May 26, 2008

Show case

Here is a conversion of a Germanic Chieftain into a standard bearer for my up and coming Germanic hordes. Blacktree Miniatures have a great range of Ancient German figures but no standard bearers, so I thought I'd make one with 'Greenstuff'.This one is a dark God from the darkest, deepest blood soaked groves of the Teutoburg forest, carried to strike fear into all who see it. This conversion was also helped by the rise in prices of Foundry miniatures who are now charging £10 for four standard bearers, the figures are great but come on! Saying this, I did manage to grab a packet of them from the Milton Keynes Games day for a bargain price so all is well in the end.
This picture is a close up of a Centurion from the Pannonian Legions of Secundus. Having the camera in hand I just took a few random photos for the blog. The French Grenadiers below are from the same shoot. I enjoyed researching my French much to research! The result of painting Napoleonic's is always rewarding though, as they do look splendid when finished. All the uniforms of this era are instantly recognizable and are icons in their own right, hence they look fantastic in a war gaming cabinet.

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