Friday, May 09, 2008

Making Marshland

Armed with my new found 'mud' effects, I set out to make all things muddy. Here are the two marsh bases I started last week with added grit and gravel to give detail and texture. As the clay dried it warped the base slightly and so I had to bend it back into shape a little, this cracked the clay of course, but nothing a little PVA won't take care off. Heavy tape stuck length ways to the underside of bases can help reduce this kind of warping.

Again, you can see I've added twigs and bits that will paint up nicely when finished and add a sense of scale to the finished model.

This will be mostly covered in flock and the grit will be painted as exposed areas of earth and sand. Different grades of grit were used to vary the effect of the earth. When I had finished flocking the gravel, I gave it another wash of PVA glue to really lock it into place and stop the usual shower of gravel every time i picked it up.

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