Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cataphracts ride for Alanicus

Finally after being snowed under for months the Cataphracts are finished and can be added to the forces of Alanicus. These new arrivals will give his Eastern forces a bit of heavy back up on their road to Rome.


Scutatus said...

Oh wow.

I love these guys. Long have I awaited their arrival and they have been worth the wait.

With the Sarmatian Contorarii and now these true Cataphracts, my dreams have been answered. ;)

These are beautiful Simon, just beautiful. As ever you have done a fantastic job, with attention to the finer details bringing these nobles to life. Be it the detail on the cloaks, the composition of their armour or the material of the barding, no two are alike. You've managed to give each and every one their own individuality, just as it should be for a unit of armoured aristocracy.

These armoured cataphracts will look spectacular on the field, an elite, presenting their array of long Kontos while formed up in close order. They will be a sight to behold.


I also particularly like the art work. That is quite a powerful piece, with it's three cataphracts silhouted against the sky line. Beautiful.

Scutatus said...

Um, for three cataphracts simply read "unit of cataphracts". That's clearly the full unit of nobles there. :) I do like how you fade the background, it is very dramatic and gives a nice impression of depth and scale.

I love your art work. And anything with cataphracts is always going to get extra marks in my book. :D

Faantastic picture Simon.

simon said...

Hello Alan, Sorry about the wait you know how things have kicked off this end. However, here they are a last and I'm glad you like them. They were quite a challenge to do, having just three variants to work with, so cloaking and painting them took some thought. All that is needed now is the unit of unarmoured Eastern archers and the horse archers....so very close Soundwave, so very close.