Friday, July 11, 2008

Alanicus's Armies Move on Dalmatia (Campaign 97)

When General L.Terentius heard of the foray into Dalmatia by Secundian forces he immediately took it upon himself to stop them. This was the chance he had been long waiting for, a chance to show his worth in battle. Without a moments delay he gathered his Generals and set the massive Army of Thrace into motion. He would march up into Dalmatia and give battle to Flaccus and his tiny force before he had time to gather re-enforcements.
Alanicus, still seeing to the defences of Egypt was livid when he heard the news that his own 'first' Army had started to march without his orders. The move west wasn't in his five year plan and could knock everything out of balance. Alanicus sent more than one messenger to Terentius but it was too late. Alanicus warned Terentius that he had better win Dalmatia or his head would roll! Terentius was more than confident as he rode behind the full might of the Thracian Legions that he would not let Alanicus down.

L.Terentius Albinus prepares to crush Flaccus.

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