Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fighting in the Ranks ( Campaign 98)

Alanicus receives news from Terentius of the size of the Secundian force in Dalmatia. Alanicus is over joyed and spurs Terentius on to attack Flaccus at once.

His joy is short lived as another report of in-fighting is reported from the Army of Anatolia. The many factions that are being brought together to make the Army are at each others throats again. Alanicus's threats have gone unheeded, for the first time in a ages, Alanicus is speechless.

His mood is lightened by another report from Arabia excepting his huge bribe and joining the cause. The Anotolians finally stop fighting when their ring leaders are assassinated by Alanician agents and piece is restored to the ranks.


Still Anonymous said...

Errm, wouldn't there have been mountains in Dalmatia, ones that Flaccus might have exploited for delaying Terentius and avoiding battle except on his own terms?


Anonymous said...

Don't worry Flaccus hasn't given battle yet.

He is busy raising Levies and tribes from around the Province to bulk up his Vexilation.
The untrained tribes may break on the Alanician formations,however, they may keep them busy enough for Flaccus to work his magic.

Dracmuller said...

The cartoon catches the moment. Dark and humorous at the same time. Your site continues to give me joy each time I visit.