Sunday, July 06, 2008

Creating the Army of Syria

As a player I gave Alanicus the chance to create his own Syrian army, with the brief to give it a very Eastern look and feel. What he came up with was a very light, fast moving force of mostly missile troops.
The III Gallica Legion and the I Thracian Horse were to be supported by a unit of unarmoured archers, a unit of horse archers and two units of Slingers. The solid formation of the Legion will be flanked by two very flexible wings of missile troops. It will be interesting to see how this 'hit and fade' army stands up to a Western one.
Above can be seen the troops that will make the Syrian Army.


Still Anonymous said...

Yes, that make for an interesting match on the battlefield.

Simon, have you modelled the forces for the entire campaign, or have some of the participants helped out?


simon said...

As a painter foremost I have enjoyed painting Romans among many other eras over the last decade.
My friends are not painters and so i have i taken on the role of creating the armies needed for the game.I can not moan for the campaign my my idea and i do enjoy painting and sculpting, It gives me something to do in the evening and vents my creativity.
To be honest the Army of Syria is the last one to be completed, then all armies will be done....saying that Pannonia needs another Cohort. Theres always something else to do but I'm almost there now.

I have had the idea of creating baggage trains for the armies on the battlefield and I am busy painting those and the moment, I like this idea as it will be a distraction for units on the field with the chance of snagging some extra loot, I will explain better when i have finished them.

We have been busy sorting out the armies for the next battle and we are ready to go...stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon,
Great blog, in my top six list. Loved the building walls/gates etc bit, used it for inspiration for my 10mm Romans. What rules are you using?


simon said...

Excellent! That is what this Blog was created give Inspiration, I'm glad you found it useful.
The rules I'm using to fight the battles are Warhammer Ancient battles.
The Campaign is a set of made up rules, very simple and written up on the Blog with a large helping of Roleplay in give it some flavour.Thanks for the support.