Friday, July 11, 2008

The Campaign Map

As you can see things have really started to happen. Tullus now sits in Aquitania facing the Secundian Army of the Rhine under Dewolvous.
Down in Africa, a huge Tullician force threatens the tiny vexiliation commanded by Alanicus himself.
Meanwhile a battle looms in Dalmatia between the massive Army of Thrace and a much smaller force under the 'hit and run' hero, Flaccus.
Secundus has taken his Army of Britannia back to Rome to secure the city after his land grab exercise, but still finds himself caught between armies approaching from the West and the East.

All eyes look toward Dalmatia with the coming of the sun.


Still Anonymous said...

This should be interesting! I wonder if there is going to be a general anti-clockwise move around the Mediterranean ...


DeWolfe said...

Don't tell me that my namesake is missing out on the action again!

simon said...

Don't worry, he will have the honour of facing the Mighty Tullus himself in Gaul......very shortly.

I hope your tough German veterans will be a match for his Spanish veterans.....?

Scutatus said...

I Like the look of this map. Look at that beautiful East Roman Empire.

Can we say Byzantium? ;) :D

And if Tullus wants to keep hold of those provinces in Africa he better be prepared to fight for them. Alanicus is on the move now...