Monday, March 16, 2009

The Senate has decided!

Here is an example of play for the Senates round. As you can see a large amount of war mongers voted to take the fight to Secundus, but were out voted right at the end by the more cautious Senators. Veto wins the day and no military action is taken this round. A few Senators voted for attacking Alanicus and one voted for attacking Rome itself and taking back the traditional seat of power. This time Secundus was lucky and play tested results show that poor old Secundus is more likely to get it than any of the others. After being forced to flee Rome it's safe to say that the Senate really have it in for poor old Secundus.


Almost Anonymous said...

I see 12 tablets - was the II tablet drawn twice?


Secundus said...

It was a draw so I picked another two tablets from the bag (one for each player). This is how I originly planned it, but I thought If the plyers picked two extra tablets each in the event of a draw, the vote may continue longer with more possiblities. This is one little rule we will play test a few times and work out. The longer the voting goes on the more fun it becomes.