Friday, March 20, 2009

The Senate is ready

The Senate is finally ready to begin voting. After some play testing and a little tweaking, the Senate can get down to the serious business of arguing, shouting, back stabbing, bribing, coughing, sleeping, sulking and voting.

The minor changes to the Senate's voting are as follows. The Master Veto piece if picked, does not have to be played if the player wishes not too. The pieces once chosen are laid down face up so the player can see them but the other player can't. They can also be placed down in any order. This makes better sense as It allows the player to see and use any special pieces to his advantage.
The Master Veto must be used at the end once all the votes are in and counted. The same goes for the red Army counters. There is also another piece not mentioned before, because I couldn't think of a use for it. This is a red Veto piece. This piece can be either laid down as an Army vote or used to clear the Senate as a Master Veto counter. Once a Master Veto piece has been used to restart the voting it can not be returned to the bag and must be set aside. If the voting ends in two options drawing, each player takes two more playing pieces from the bag. This carries on until a decision has been reached. There all done...let the voting begin.


Almost Anonymous said...

Thanks for the new details! How many of each tile are there now?


Secundus said...

There are ten of each option with two army, one Master Veto and one Master Veto/army counter. Not forgetting the take two counter. I think that makes about 45 playing pieces in all.

Adelaide Gamer said...

And Plaudicus, my favorite senator, does he still have a powerful vote veto? Or did I get that wrong?

Secundus said...

Yes the Master Veto equals Plaudicus's vote. I thought I'd make your character the head guy in the Senate.