Saturday, March 07, 2009

The thing I love about using spices to flock with is all the different twigs and bits in them. What better to give the illusion of foliage than tiny pieces of dried, chopped leaves.
The mortar shell hole I made out of Milliput has turned out nicely and has secured the way for many others of its kind. The hole was made from left over Milliput and covered with grit. After being dry brushed and flocked It will make a good addition the the battlefield and act as a 'hit' marker.
Having already placed twigs on the bases last year I thought I would try out sticking spices to them to act as leaves. As my forces are meant to be fighting in the Summer (Normandy 1944) I thought the leafy branches would be more accurate.
The spices used were Basil and Mint from Tesco. I find that 'mixed herbs' work great for ground cover like bracken.


Fraxinus said...

Fantastic incredible figures & basing tip with spices will immediatly put into good effect!!

Secundus said...

Thanks, It's a cheap and effective tip.