Saturday, March 07, 2009

Take Cover!!!


BigRedBat said...

Cor; they look lovely! The spice vegetation is fantastic, and looks very realistic. What spice are the bushy bits?


Secundus said...

The twiggy bits are from a box of model trees called (funny enough) 'Forest in a box'. They were exspense at the time (about 12 years ago) and I think they're the ones used by Architects.

I found them in the loft last year and have put them to good use ever since. To make the bushes I just tear off little bits and stick them down, that money was well spent all those years ago.

Andrew said...

The foliage looks great! I'll have to raid my wife's spice drawer. ...whoops, that doesn't sound right!

Another blog recently had a battle report of FOW in 28mm. Did you see it? I've been thinking about buying a copy of the rules, but I'll use 1/72 models. Do the soldiers get based singly in FOW? I thought they had to be clustered on a single base.

Secundus said...

BRB, I've just found out that the 'twigs' are called sea moss on the Silflor site.
I took our avice and ordered some ready made grass tufts. Very handy!

Hello Andrew, I missed the report but I can recommend FOW, it looks great. I love all the tiny details like officers jeeps with gun batteries etc.
I love to paint larger than 15mm though and so have gone for 'Rules of Engagement'(ROE). It's designed for 28mm which gives me lots to paint with and works on the basis of Infantry Platoons with one tank per side. A skirmish game in other words, whereas FOW looks full like scale warfare.

Andrew said...

Well, I do like skirmish games—less models to buy! I have a copy of NUTS! Maybe I'll just stick with that before I go out and spend money on a new ruleset.

I found that 28mm FOW report. Lots of nice pictures:

Secundus said...

Thanks for that, lovely painting going on in that game! Handy for me as I have just been researching American uniform colours.