Friday, March 09, 2012

Dipping with Army Painter WIP

So far so good, next up some highlights and a little matt varnish, not to mention a mountain of shields. Once added to my others this lot should make up three 18 man cohorts of the 14th Legion.

I painted the odd little touch to give them more character like beards and wrist guards.

Dipped in strong tone they start to look battle field worthy. I actually like the effect the stain leaves and could easily just leave them in this state, but the painter in me has to tweak the odd highlight or three.

The last thing I painted on the figures were the pilums, leaving the silver spray on the shank and butt end.

The troops start to look a bit more human.

Once all the tunics had been painted I painted in the flesh using Foundry's Flesh 'B' colour.


I then worked my way inward with the other colours. I tried to keep these down to a minimum when it came to tunic colours etc, this would make highlighting a lot quicker. As these were being painted to match a unit I had acquired from eBay, red was the main tunic colour used.

I have decided to paint them up quickly using Army painter and after a bad start with the stuff, now I am a complete convert. I have sprayed these guys with a silver car paint which stays metallic even when matt varnished, great for armour.

I have been quite taken with the plastic Romans and Celts from Warlord games and decided to make up a couple of cohorts at the weekend. The fun of putting them together just never gets old.


Monty said...

Love 'em! It was the Warlord plastics that got me back into the hobby and like you, I'm a committed 'dipper' ;)

El Repartidor said...

The final work, is fantastic, but I hate army painter, I work with GW inks and washes. I know, is quickly to paint, but I think the miniatures are loosing details.
Is my experience.

DeanM said...

Nice and good to hear you decided to give the "dip" another shot - and like the results. Warlord EIR really take well to this fast method - silver basecoat, block painting & "dip." You're right, adding the decals to the shields actually seems to take longer than the figures. But I'm not complaining about that either - the shield decals really set off the figures. Best, Dean

Secundus said...

Thanks Guys,
@El Repartidor, I do use the citadel inks aswell as the drying time is quicker. I think both options have their good and bad points. GW Delven mud is very handy stuff.

Michael Awdry said...

Splendid work Sir, I've yet to try 'dipping' but seeing these results one is definitely tempted.

BigRedBat said...

Looking very good, Secundus!

I'm looking forward to painting some Romans again, after a long break, in April.

james m. wolfe said...

keep up the good work

Scutatus said...


Good to see the Romans are getting some attention again.

But WHO was that infiltrating the ranks? I vaguely remember... wasn't there something we were supposed to do?


Vinnie said...

Nice dipping old boy.....they look great. I never seem to have much luck over here, must be the climate I think