Monday, March 26, 2012

Edgehill Battle site.

Well I finally made it to Edgehill and driving along the top of the sheer drop you can see how the hill got its name.

I was a little disappointed to find I couldn't go down onto the battlefield as It is owned by the M.O.D and restricted to the public. However there is a good vantage point from the castle pub on top of the hill.


Broeders said...

This is going to be my next battle on the 'Famous Battles' series on the blog. You mind reader, you!

Flags of War said...

hey mate i was wanting to email you with a question but couldn't find one. Is it possible you could drop me a mail?


Jason said...

It's a beautiful part of the world isn't it. Very hard to imagine all that happened there in 1642. There are some relatively new footpaths opened by the Battlefield Trust which do cross where the battle was fought.

The MOD land is largely over the initial Parliament start positions if I recall correctly. I was last there when Prof Richard Holmes gave a wonderful speech to everyone who turned up outside Kineton Church in 2006 when the new walks were opened up, also linking a couple of other battlefield sites together (War of the Roses I think).

Great pics anyway and happy memories brought back of summer walking. I must go back there esp as its only 45 mins away for me! :-)