Saturday, March 24, 2012

Greek Mercenaries in Roman Service

Here is another idea I'm playing around with inspired by a Simon Scarrow novel. A unit of Greek mercenaries fighting for Rome. In the book the Greeks are fighting using their Hoplite equipment. This is a nice idea but I think I will tweak it slightly to bring them up to date with my Roman forces of 69AD.

So to do this I will give them a variety of different shields and helmets to reflect the later time scale.
I have a number of round shields (with bosses) and will be using Warlord plastic Roman heads on Crusader Carthaginians.

Not sure when I'll get chance to do this but I think it would make for another interesting character unit.

I think a black snake would make for a good mercenary symbol.


Michael Awdry said...

Sounds like a great idea; the black adders no less; very cunning!

Allan and Carmen said...

I must have missed that novel!

Which one is it?



Secundus said...

It's one of the later ones set in the desert. I have lost track of all their names now to be honest.

Scutatus said...

By the 1st Century AD no Greek Mercenary would still be using Hoplite equipment or tactics. Hoplite warfare - and even their successor the phalangite phalanx - had died out long before. Simon Scarrow surely knows this. But never mind.

Regardless, I am sure the "Greek Mercenaries" will look great on the battlefield and will add a lot of character! :D

On another note, why is the "prove you are not a robot" text so bloomin' hard to read? I NEED to be a robot half the time, just to understand it!

Scutatus said...

Hehe Love it!

Anonymous said...

That's brilliant work. Love those illustrations and the expressions on the faces.

All the best