Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Campaign in Milton Keynes

If anyone is going to 'Campaign'  the war games show in Milton Keynes this weekend, do come and find me and say hello. I've volunteered to man a recruiting stand for the Prince Rupert's regiment of the Sealed Knot and will be strolling around in armour all day. Standing all day in back and breast plates with tassets and helmet will be a new experience for me, I think I might take a chair :).

 If you love history and like getting out and seeing historical buildings and places why not try it for yourself. I love dressing up in armour personally and connecting to the past, but a lot of people just join for the social side of things too.

That's me in the middle with a borrowed old coat and helmet last year at the Naseby memorial march. I have my own kit now and have even passed my sword test, which means now I can carry a sword on the field...joy! I will be proudly wearing it on Saturday so watch out!

Anyway, If you're around come and say hello and get to try on some kit, get drunk and wake up in a cart bound for Oxford with a shiny shilling in your pocket...Joking aside do come and say hello, Simon.


TamsinP said...

I'll keep an eye out for you and say "hello" at some point in between my games.


Anja said...

Hi there,

I've been following your blog, mainly for the art. Do you ever sell any of your stuff? I'd be very interested in buying!


Secundus said...

Nice to see you the other day Tamsin, I hope your run of winning luck continued through the weekend.

Secundus said...

Hi Anja, I don't really sell my work but you are welcome to print it out if you like it...free. That's how kind and nice I am...