Sunday, May 19, 2013

Finishing Touches and Tufts

  So the three layers are now dry. The dry looking base layer, the layer of dry looking stones and the third layer of 'Meadow grass'.

 This looks good enough to go with as it is, but recently there has been a flurry or excellent basing products to the market that can really add a little extra something to a base. mainly grass tufts from MiniNatur and Silflor. Other companies have copied these products now and they can be found in a number of good hobby shops and Websites. After all these added extras there is no chance of seeing any figure bases anywhere!

 I like to use the winter variety of tufts, as these can be dry brushed to fit in with different seasons. For example, for these ACW bases I will dry brush them with an Ochre yellow, so they look dry and parched. I learned this gem of BigRedBat.

 The granite base coat dry, I then dry brushed them again using Foundry's Granite 'C' colour paint. I also found some undergrowth flock and parched static grass on the Flames of war website. I have been trying to locate 'yellow' static grass for ages and finally tracked it down.  Both these products were added to a selection of bases to add variety.

 'Parched' static grass made by 'Force Nine' was added to areas of the base in small patches. These were little finishing touches that helped create that American feel.


Tony said...

Over the last year (year and a half) I have enjoyed adding some static grass tufts to my miniature bases. Like you have experimented with a couple of styles.

I think your ACW troops look fantastic.


Cincinnatus said...

These look absolutely incredible-in fact-museum quality. Thank you for the tutorial!