Sunday, May 19, 2013

Basing for Regimental Fire and Fury

 Here we see another unit rebased for RF+F, these are large Renegade figures. Renegade make nice figures,even if they are on the slightly large side of 28mm. Best keep them in units together rather than mix them with other manufacturers.

 The larger 30mm deep bases allow for even these standing figures to have a little character, with sergeants walking in between the ranks. There is even room to put a fleeing soldier who has seen too much and has decided to retire to the rear.
It's an important note to remember to blow off the excess flock as it does tend to stick to the figures after basing is finished. Something I haven't done yet on this regiment.

 I tend to give some bases four to a base, this adds variety and comes in handy for command bases with their two standards.

"Get back in rank Johnny" no..he's gone.


Phil said...

Great loking guys, I do like the poses!

PanzerKaput said...

They are looking great there and I love the character and drama in them.

Vinnie said...

Great stuf...Regimental Fire and Fury seems to be the go. I have been thinking about getting the rules for sometime now, but I think I my have to just bit the bullet and get a set.

Rodger said...

Great rules and very nice looking work on the rebasing!

Lee Hadley said...

Have to agree with the others, great work.

Doc Smith said...

Regt Fire & Fury are an excellent rule set and I love your basing - looks terrific. The F&F sized basing works well and you can really got to town on setting the figures up. Great looking unit by the way.