Sunday, May 19, 2013

Second Layer

The first layer being dry, It was time to add some light stones to the base. I wanted to leave lots of base colour on the stand, so I just applied the PVA glue in tiny patches around it. If I saw a metal figure base showing, I would cover it with this layer.

The flock and gravel colours are quite similar and blend well together. I don't like painting gravel so I looked for a nice natural colour that wouldn't need a layer of paint to make it look realistic.

To add a little variety to the army of bases, I added a few splinters of slate to some bases. This again helps to achieve the American terrain look. If you ever want to fight the battles of Gettysburg (which I do) then this look is for you.
Unlike the small patches of gravel, I will paint this larger slate pieces to detail them. I got the slate pieces from a guy off eBay.


Phil said...

Very nice figures, great work!

glenn832 said...

Gravel after flock. I wouldn't have thought of that.