Sunday, May 19, 2013

Finished Bases in Battle

 I really like these new bases with their added depth, It now means figures have more room to be placed and a line can become quite ragged. This is a vast improvement to my old basing where figures were in straight geometric lines. Also, as mentioned many times before, these deeper bases can now house fallen and wounded characters, adding to the atmosphere of the game.


PanzerKaput said...

Very nice they are looking too

Richard Naylor said...

Thanks for the tutorial, it will be useful. I agree that deeper bases really do make so much difference to how the figures are displayed and protects them so much better.



BigRedBat said...

Very effective!

Is it worth thinking about basing 2 stands deep? As my collection grows I like bases with 8 infantry on, becuase it makes deployment and moving much less of a chore.

Cheers, Simon

Secundus said...

Thanks Guys, I like the idea of 6 to 8 to a base but these are besed for reg fire and fury. It's all about the battle deployment. Battle line is what you see above with two lines of infantry close together. However, there is extended line also which is just a single infantry battle line. I'm still enjoying basing up my fantasy collections with 6 to a base though.