Monday, July 10, 2017

Basing the Wolves and Wargs

 Last night as the moon rose high in the sky, howls of delight were heard coming from the mountains. The long awaited night of basing had come again after seven years of waiting. This is the hallowed night were flock and tufts are added to the dry brushed sand and stones.
 I do like to sprinkle a few mixed herds on the bases to act as bracken or leaf matter.Also a few twigs from the garden were added for fallen trees, very useful on troll bases.

 The wolves of the mountains are mostly grey with a few variants on this theme, however, the Wargs I had made very dark If not black in contrast.
Three large Wargs equal five lesser wolves. In Dragon Rampant six of these will be classed as a unit of Greater War beast.


airbornegrove26 said...

Looking good there buddy! AWHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Secundus said...

Werewolves of London