Monday, July 24, 2017

Painting British 2nd Afghan War

 I wasn't really looking out for yet another era to paint, but then I stumbled across these amazing looking figures on the Artizan web site. I fell in love and decided I had to paint a few. I have long been a fan of the Victorian era and grew up watching Zulu and Zulu dawn, so these pith helmets really appealed to me.
 I was a little disappointed when I first received the models, they were covered in flash and had lots of vents on them. Some of the mold lines cut down the faces which was bad, but with a trusty knife and file all was soon how It should be.
 Lots of vents.This is a new range from Artizan and I thought maybe there might be a huge demand for them at the moment and they were being churned out quickly...who knows. Still lovely figures though so don't be put off by a little filing. I plan to play a small skirmish game with them and so prefer metal figures over plastic, more expensive but feel better in the hand.
 I then based the figures on 25mm round bases for the skirmish game 'Men who would be kings'. This game only needs around 36 figures a side (regulars that is) and so perfect for a small force. I added small stones from the garden. Pea gravel is great for this and I had gathered a bag of them from my travels.

 I bought a few spray cans a couple of years ago and managed to find one that suited my khaki needs perfectly. It matched the Foundry paint 'Drab B' colour and proved to be a god send and saved a lot of time.
 If you are painting Khaki Drill colour I recommend this can!

Men sprayed and ready for the next step. I am proud to add a new label to my army lists...North west Frontier.

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Phil Curran said...

Good logic and nice miniatures, a lovely flat basecoat too.