Wednesday, July 12, 2017

ECW Command bases WIP

 My ever evolving ECW regiments took a another turn on their development yesterday after I visited Simon Miller's new ECW blog ' For King and parliament'.

 I had created my three bases with battle hardened men with minimal officers, this did leave me with a pile of unused, angry brass.

After seeing what Simon had planned for his regiments I noticed he had a smaller command base, one that could be put in front or behind the battle line. Well, I thought that tidies up all of my problems in one. My unused officers and drummers get a home, the figure count goes up...which I like. The standards can be moved to the middle block and the sleeves of shotte can be just that and look better for it. I also get to use up a load of HOTT bases (60mm x 40mm) I bought years ago and have never used.

 I had to paint up a few extra musketeers but that was no problem as I already had some on the boil for the next Regiment.

 I think It looks better than how I had It before and It doesn't effect the frontage of the unit, something I am very pleased about. Having a limited playing area, I want to be able to have more than a few units on a side.

Receiving cavalry can look a little more authentic as well with an extra base.


caveadsum1471 said...

Lovely looking ECW types, rebasing aagh!
Best Iain

William Stewart said...

Absolutely brilliant!

Yes, the only thing worse than basing is re-basing.

Secundus said...

yes luckily I'm adding a little base rather than re sticking everything. painless and rewarding.

Simon Miller said...

What casualty minis are you us9ng, Mr Mitten? I have Bicorne- they are nice- need more variety, though.