Monday, July 24, 2017

Painting British 2nd Afghan War

 After the figures were sprayed I gave them a wash with Woodland scentics brown paint. This stuff is great and works much like ink, brown ink would work for this too.
The detail is now much clearer to see and the paint acts as shading saving time.
 I then started to paint, first I painted all the belts etc white and gave them a wash of brown to whether them in.
 I decided to paint the canteen belt brown to add some variety, not sure the one on the model is right for the time but I'm not going to get caught up in all that so just moved on.
 Painted the lower legs in a slightly darker drab colour with a slight dry brush high light.

 Foundry flesh colour, didn't use the base straight from the pot, instead went slightly lighter with a half and half mix. Just gives the skin a more subtle look.
 Next step started on the khaki drill colour, this was tricky as I had so many different paint colours to chose from, In the end the best one was Foundry paint trio 'drab'. The last paint in the trio was a perfect mix for the light sandy colour. Painted mess tin with a grey black cover.

Gave the flesh a wash with black ink under the helmet and around the chin for stubble. Also gave the legging and rifle, canteen and mess can a wash with black ink as well.


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