Saturday, January 25, 2020

Pick a horse...any horse.

 Now that the troopers are locked away for 24hrs drying, I thought it was time to nip to the stable and pick some mounts. I painted these horses a year or two ago using enamel and oil paints. Like the Dip the oil paint took around 24hrs to dry. It was fun to do but you have to paint in bulk to make it worth the mess. Once done though you have horse flesh for days.
 Most of these horses are from Essex miniatures, weirdly though, some of them don’t fit the Roundhead troopers so well. Using some unpainted troopers I dry fitted them and now hopefully when my troopers dry, they should have mounts that fit their saddles.
Thinking about it, next time I might paint the troopers on pencils then stick them to the preprinted horses. Then finally Paint on the Dip. This would mean the figure is completed at the same time. I could even give the horse a lick of Dip to protect it better.

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caveadsum1471 said...

Good to have a stock laid in as it were! Sounds reasonable to assemble and dip too!
Best Iain