Thursday, March 23, 2006

Blood,sweat and paint

Welcome to my world,i don't really know where to i'll just start!.This is my work table,crammed as usual,i always end up working on the extreme edges of it through lack of space,but as soon as you put some paints away to make more need them i find it better to just keep everything out,and messy,.......and work on the edge.
A nice little tip for painters out there (and one i have only just descovered after 20 years or so )is to keep a small note book,(pictured left) in which i keep track of what colours i mixed etc,and what colours i used for certain figures.This little book has saved me so much time and effort and is a great way to keep track of units and the order they were painted.
Here we see my lifes work.......well, since 1998 anyway,before that it was fantasy goblins and orcs,and thousands of other crazy critters to numerous to mention.These days i've retired from the mad cap world of elves and orc boyz to the more relaxing historical eras.I'm not saying war is relaxing....but i find painting is,plus researching periods and learning what these people went through and their names and where they came from etc,is a way of keeping their memory alive,which i think is a good thing.
Phew...too deep, pull out...yeah painting!.Here we see my cabernet which houses the legions of Rome and of France,also saxons,celts,Americans and a few Germans live there too.


Scutatus said...

You're going to need a bigger boat lol

Propugnator said...

Hi again, the size of your miniatures is 20mm, isnt it?



Larry said...

WOW!! You and I have so much in common!