Sunday, March 19, 2006

Calling all lead heads

Hello, my name is Simon,i have been collecting and painting lead miniatures for over twenty years and it has grown into something resembling obsession.I started off as a kid collecting fantasy ranges, but switched to historical figures as i got older.
I enjoy painting armies of one type or another and so don't tend to spend ages over one figure ,although important characters such as leaders and standard bearers i will sometimes spend alittle more time on, giving them eyes etc.
I have three main areas of intrest at the moment, American civil war,Napleonic and Roman.The Roman collection is the biggest and comes about through an idea to wargame the civil wars of 68-69 AD.The great thing about collecting and painting Roman forces is that not alot is known about their appearence,and this leaves a huge gap for the imagination,and lets the painter get really creative!.
I have been painting these Romans over a period of seven years and collected a wide range of shield designs and ideas for uniforms etc. through a huge number of books,internet sites and imagination.What i hope is ,if someone out there is thinking of starting a Roman army and sees what i've done,they will will find it a wealth of ideas and inspiration for their own forces.


Scutatus said...

Comment posted on TMP TEN MINUTES after I advertised you

John N Holly 27 Mar 2006 8:44 a.m. PST

Took a look around the blog. Very nicely presented. Kudos to your friend.

Anonymous said...

Hi, a great discover your blog, Im going to read very slow.

Ave, from Hispania.


Larry said...

Hello Simon!!

I'm just now getting ready to do two things - 1) start reading your blog from the beginning and 2) start building a Roman Legion in 28mm on a 1:20 scale.

I look forward to seeing what all you have to say.