Monday, March 27, 2006

The VII Gemina

The first Cohort of the VII takes to the field, their bases need flocking of course but this pic shows the shield design. For the Gemina, i have choosen Essex Miniatures. They are very old figures, probably early 80's i would say and the sculpturing is pretty basic but i like them because i have'nt any Romans armoured in this way. They have Lorica Hamata (mail) but they also have leather pteruges on their shoulders and around their wastes, i like this for my Spanish Legion for it reflects again the armour of the outer provinces, being slightly behind that of the better equipped legions. Another great thing about these old figures is, from a painters view, their shield is moulded on and covers the front of the figure saving alot a time in painting the body etc. Lazy i know but when you have over a hundred to paint, it's a god send! Also i think these old guys have alot of charm in their own way and its great to finally be using them up, after bypassing them for newer ranges for years. I knew that money was well spent all that time ago. They stand up quite well against the other legions, the shield makes them very stricking on the board........i must paint more! Their armour and shield type make them Augustan in period and so must be pass me downs from older Legions. Essex Miniatures are resculpting all their early Imperial romans and these guys will soon be phased out so if you like them you'd better order some while they're still around. (Code number wrs 3) Their pilums are from Gripping Beast, being longer than the ones that come with the Essex figures.

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Scutatus said...

Oh wow! They look fantastic Si!

These old Essex look about akin to Whitecross/Chiltern Ancients in quality level - were they to do Imperial Romans - Probably about the same (very reasonably cheap) price too. :) Mail and pteruges marching in formation... VERY nice, I'm tempted to try and get some of these myself! :D

You've done a fantastic job with the shields. They really work and are very distinctive. I'm looking forward to seeing the whole Legion :D