Friday, March 24, 2006

Recruiting the Spainish Legion

I have a unit of Auxiliaries in my cabinet which I have given white shields. Over time they've really grown on me and so i thought, imagine a whole legion of white shields and how that would look on the table top, in contrast to the other legions. And so, I set about planning it me white shields look very Spanish and so there could only be one choice. The VII Gemina, that was stationed in Leon (which comes from the word Legion)
As you can see, I will have my work cut out with this lot!


Scutatus said...

Looks like you are recruiting the Liqoirice Allsorts! I particualrly like the hairy guy at the back who look likes he is saying "Er, excuse me, I think there's been a mistake" lol

Larry said...

Do you do your own cartoons?

They are really cool. I especially like the one of the guy painting with all the troopers behind clamoring for his attention. The black cat is a nice addition - my wife loves black cats and ours love my minis!