Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Celtic chieftain and command

Here is my Celtic Chieftain base, still needs alittle work, i've crammed the base with loyal retainers and champions to make sense of the cheftains 3 attacks in WHAB. A champion has already put one Roman to the sword, one down 800 to go.
(the shield and helmet of the dead Legionary are from 1st Corps, and are nice little extras for these kinds of bases, the Roman is from Foundry)

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Scutatus said...

Lovely Simon.

You've done a very nice job here. I particularly like the tartan cloak on the chieftan with his dramatic hero pose. :)

I like the Bodyguard standing in front of the chieftan, shield raised. Nice use of Tattoos. Are these Celts Essex figures? The "bodyguard" Warrior with javelins held in his shield hand is reminiscent of Essex's Thracians... or it could be a Foundry - they're nice figures, regardless.

I LOVE the shield at the back! Wow. A very nicely put together command base. :)