Saturday, March 25, 2006

Designing the shields

Although the plain white shields on the Auxiliaries look great, for the legion I needed that little extra something, plain white didn't really look very legionary to me. It would have to be easy and quick to paint, for my legions consist of about 116 figures when finished.

So I came up with a black double laurel leaf design, which actually looks quite detailed when set on to the white of the shield and is simple and quick to paint. The great thing about white shields is that they look fantastic when dirt and mud is dry brushed onto the bottom of them. I will try to get some images up soon. Also, the laurel leaf was a sign of victory....and so these guys had had some luck.

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Scutatus said...

Having already had a taste of white shields from your auxilaries I am looking forward to seeing a whole legion of white shields. The black Laurel wreaths will be a wonderful contrast on the white. The XIII should be really distinctive. It's going to look beautiful, especially with all the Pteruges on show ( and you know how I love my Pteruges ;) ) All very Ancient/Hellenic, I love it!:D

I want Piccies! :D