Wednesday, May 17, 2006

German Auxiliaries

Here is the IV Tungrian cohort, part of the Army of the Rhine. These tough Auxiliaries were stationed along the great river frontier to protect against angry German raiding parties. The Rhine legions were constantly at war and as a result became some of the best troops in the Empire. Living next to and amongst the German peoples, they took to the habit of dressing like them and adopting their weapons, troops along the Rhine frontier are known to have discarded their Roman Pilums for the longer German style spears, to aid them in combat against their foes. They were looked upon as a motley, barbarius lot by the rest of the troops else where in the Empire. For this reason, I have given this unit longer spears than my other Auxiliary units to show the influences of being stationed so close to the German border.

Here is another shot of my Gladiators. This one shows the command base with a standard of two fighting men, echoing the origin of the unit.

Here is a base I made to represent a broken unit on the board, when a unit breaks or is destroyed and taken away, I made these bases to put in its place. They were good fun to make and great for using in the you can probably tell, I use them alot to add a little something extra in the piccies.


nick said...

hey simon
my word you've been busy!
i'm very impressed and ever so slightly frightened.

i dont know the first thing about history or model soldiers but your collection certainly looks comprehensive and accurate enough to make even russel crowe proud.

right - thats it, lunchtime surf over, better get back to work - how's that final shot coming on? is it ready to comp up yet? - dont think i havent seen you drawing roman soldiers all morning when you should be painting orang-utans.

its getting a bit cold in here - perhaps i'll make use of your master class and fashion myself a cloak.

big love

Scutatus said...

For some reason, when I see the command base, all I can think of is...

"I'm Spartacus!"

lol Briliant.

Yes indeed, I have noticed the "broken" bases. LOVE them. As you could probably tell. :)

Still Anonymous said...

What size are the bases? From the picture, it looks like one huge base, but can that be?