Saturday, May 13, 2006

Heavy horse

With my army of Britannia almost finished it was time to add the cherry on the cake, with the introduction of the heavy Sarmations. Once the Romans had had a taste of these Tiger tanks of the ancient world, they decided they had to have some of their own. By the time of Hadrian, Sarmation cavalry could be found on the wall and in the north of Britannia. These mounted warriors fought in slow moving tightly packed ranks and literally pushed the enemy down and rode over them, although in open battle their slow speed could lead to them being out flanked where their advantage would quickly be lost. Here, a well armoured but slow moving Sarmation horsemen finds himself in the worst possible the open and on his own.


Scutatus said...

Isn't he a silly Sarmatian to have let himself be caught like that? No problem, he can still handle those pedestrian legionaries... Oh, there's more coming... he's surrounded... One dead Sarmatian. :D

Many lines of thought now beleive that the Sarmatians fought in a faster, looser style than the recognised Cataphract close(ish) order. Even so, the armour and barding must have slowed them down somewhat. :)

Briliant picture Si. Strangely enough, one of my favourites! :D :D :D

Scutatus said...

AND the Sarmatian even has Pteruges!!!! :D :D D: