Sunday, May 21, 2006

Roman marines

When Rome was strapped for field units one quick way to raise armies was to strip the navy of its marines. Rome invented Marines to help it fight Carthage, taking its hard fighting land forces and putting them into ships to engage the enemy at sea using land tatics and fighting skills. It was through its use of Marines that Rome took control of the Mediterranean sea from the Carthaginians, boarding them ship to ship with its Marines to whom the carthaginians had no answer.

To give these troops a maritime feel I have given them sea blue shields with the a Roman war ship (a Trireme) painted on the front.


Guido said...

I have finally finished reading your complete blog, which I found about yesterday. And somehow I´m a bit sad. We share some passions like drawing, roman armies and the feeling you get at historical sites.
Yet you have an amazing concentration power which I lack of. I love my romans and have the imagination to immerse myself into every unit like you do. But suddenly I feel an urge to jump to Space Marines, then XVII C. Parlamentarians and maybe afterwards Great Paraguayan War Argentinians.
I now can count on someone to carry his love for this armies as far as sharing painting, conversions, stories and art on a regular basis. Thanks and please keep it up.

Scutatus said...

By Jove, this artist has a budding fan club!

And never has any artist-cartoonist-figure painter deserved it more!

Today the Blog, tomorrow the WORLD! :D

Keep it up Si! :D

Scutatus said...

I've always loved these marines. Great big Caesarian shields and helmets, lovely sea blue unit colour and a fantastic little ship icon in white. All beautifuly painted with an intense eye for detail.

What's not to like?